Happy New Year!

The New Year is upon us!  Now is the time to reflect on the year that has been and start thinking about what goals you will set to achieve in 2019. Maybe it is something you didn't get around to doing last year or maybe it is something entirely new!  

This time of year you will hear a lot of businesses in the Health & Fitness industry promoting "new year, new you!" Which is quite ok, we love to see people bettering their health and creating healthy new habits - we love this. But what if those goals came from a different place? What if instead of choosing to dedicate our time to achieving a weight loss goal or an ideal body shape or size, we chose to be more mindful, practice positivity, take more time for ourselves, eat better and move more often? and choose to do these things when it feels right and because we enjoy it, rather then we feel we have to?




And if you do choose to make your health and fitness a priority, which once again - we are all for! Aim to make yourself small, measurable & achievable goals!

For example: 

  - Today I will start my day with a nutrient filled breakfast. 

      -  This week I will walk to work instead of driving. 

        - I will get 6-8 hours of sleep each night

        - I will switch off my phone for 30 minutes each day to reconnect with my family and friends.

        Or maybe your goal is to try 1 new thing every week or achieve a promotion at work. Whatever your goals are, not only write these things down but start talking about them, say it out loud. Keep yourself accountable - Tell your friends and tell your family. 


        I'm a big believer that when you put things out into the universe, good things will happen. 


        As many of you are aware, I am a mum - to 2 special little people diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder - this brings us big challenges every day, but also great rewards.

        I struggle, like most mums, with making time for myself and my own health and wellbeing. Unfortunately this is not uncommon, but something that as fitness professionals we tend to not talk much about. And as parents, something we do not prioritize enough.

        You also know how passionate I am about creating change; a change in our mindset and a change in our actions, towards ourselves and others. Empowering Families to better understand their own bodies and create small - manageable- healthy changes, every day.

        2019 for us here at the Move Your Body Studio we will continue to do this. To spread the message of Self Love, Self Acceptance and Balance. We will continue to provide opportunities for MOVEMENT, for PLAY, for EDUCATION and CONNECTION. We will be present to SUPPORT our families and provide a NEW inclusive, sensory friendly and accepting Family Centre Health Hub.

        We will also continue to listen, to what our families and clients want and need to help them achieve a happy, healthy and full life. 

        Personally (and i'm telling you this so you can all keep me accountable!) my goals are to simply, 'Keep things simple'. To not overload my schedule, to eat well, sleep more, continue to move often, take time out when needed and learn to ask for help! - now you all know, if you see me in the studio too often feel free to pull me up on this! (one of my children in my class actually asked if I lived there last term! haha)



        What will your 2019 look like? What goals do you want to achieve? and how will you do it? 

        It doesn't have to be a big goal - remember small stepping stones pave the way to where we need to be. 

        Dig deep and think about what's important to you. And also why? Why is it important? and get honest. Quite often when we do ask ourselves those hard questions we uncover the uncertainties and insecurities that are essentially holding us back from being able to make a change. Acknowledge these and move forward.

        Wishing you all a happy & Healthy 2019!

        Carol x

        Founder / Move Your Body Studio - Empowering Families


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