Indoor Activities for Active Kids



If you're home is anything like ours, you are week 4 into school holidays, summer is peaking outside and the kids are battling cabin fever! And to be honest so is this mumma! 

So what to do when your kids are bouncing off the walls but its too hot to go outside and play?

Here is 10 easy indoor activities to get the kids moving these summer holidays - and the best thing of all, all you need is a roll of masking tape and a balloon! 


1. Long Jump


Take 5 separate, long pieces of tape and lay them horizontally above each other, each one slightly further apart. Ask your children to stand at a starting point and see which line they can jump to. Repeat this action running and jumping, hopping on one leg and stretching their body in a plank position.  


2. Shape recognition ( can also be completed with numbers)


This one can be used two ways. Use your masking tape to create outlines of different shapes (or numbers) on the floor throughout the house.

- Ask your children to move to the different shapes, one at a time eg. "run to the square" "Crab crawl to the triangle" "roll to the circle"

Or in a pattern as a game of memory, eg. square then triangle then circle. 


- find a soft teddy or small ball and ask the child to stand at a starting point and throw to each shape, one at a time. Then collect and move on to the next shape. 

 - You can also create shapes big enough to roll a ball around or drive a car around the boarder of the shape.

3. Balance Beam


Lay a long vertical line or zig zag across the floor, ask the child to practise their balancing along the line, placing one foot in front of the other without falling to the side. If this becomes too easy ask them to repeat walking on their tip toes. 

Creative option - place some teddies or small toys either side of the line and beware of "Falling into the sharks"



4. Hop Scotch

Use your masking tape to create an outline of a hopscotch.

Ask the child to move from start to end practising jumping and/or hopping in and out of the squares.

Next, ask the child to throw an item into a square then hop to collect it, practicing their balancing while bending down to collect. 


5. Car Track

Using the masking tape and small toy cars, map out road or track around the house as a giant car track. Use additional obstacles such as going under the dining room table for extra creativity. 


6. Obstacle Course

Use your masking tape to map out a mini obstacle course inside the house. Use additional objects such as crawling under the dining room table or climbing over a chair. Mix the lines up creating zig zags, parallell lines for crab crawling and arrows for directions. 


- Walk along the balance beam line

- Crab Crawl between two lines

- Crawl under the table

- Climb over a chair

- Roll over a blanket

- Jump from pillow to pillow



7. Balloon Tennis

Blow up your balloons. Begin tapping back and forward with your child. Aim to the keep the balloon in the air for as long as possible. ( Also a great counting opportunity!)

Progress this game by using an object from around the house as a 'racket' (Pool noodles are great for this!)

Older children can make this game more challenging by holding one hand behind their back, using their feet or adding additional balloons. 


8. Balloon Race

Find a space in the home  with enough room for 2 people to move either side of each other. This could be a hallway or small obstacle course eg starting in the kitchen and going around the dining table then back to the beginning.

Choose your starting point and ask both participants to place a balloon between their knees, upon GO both participants must waddle as fast as they can from start to finish. 

- Can also be played as a relay for families with multiple children.


9. Balloon Taps

Tie or tape a balloon just higher then your childs extended vertical arm reach.

Ask them to jump as high as they can in a vertical position to try and tap the balloon. 

As an extra challenge, ask them to jump and try and tap the balloon with their head.

As they become more confident, continue to raise the height of the balloon.


10. Balloon Hockey

Choose two items to use as goals : washing baskets, buckets or alike are great.

Place them at either end of your playing area, opposite each other.

You will also need 2 balloons and 2 additional objects from around the house to use as a stick or bat.

Compete to tap your balloon across the playing area and into your goal. The first to get their balloon into their goal 10 times is the winner. 


Other indoor activities suggestions: 

- Go Noodle (

An Online Dance program designed to get kids up and moving! Turn screen time into active time by choosing your childs favourite songs or even goal focused dances. Choose playlists designed to improve balance, coordination, gross motor skills or more. There are even songs for calming the mind and body at the end of the day!


- Bring outdoor toys in!

Some of the best games are the ones we already have! Don't be afraid to bring outside toys - inside, Small bikes or scooters, hoola hoops, balls etc all have multiple uses and can easily be great additions indoors. 


- Water Play


All children love waterplay and although the idea of trying to contain the mess might seem like more work then its worth, it keeps the kids entertained for hours - and there are some mess friendly options:  

1. Place down some large or a few small towels to contain the splash back. Use multiple containers to allow transfer from bucket to bucket or sorting of various items. Small containers and big spoons out of the kitchen are great for water play.


2. Use the bath! (** Parent supervision required **)

The play opportunities are endless. Small bath toys, containers, cups, sponges - all have a great number of uses for our little ones imagination. Fill the bath up and watch them explore. 


If you are based in Karratha, don't forget to check out our school holiday timetable for some great air conditioned options to get the kids out of the house and moving these school holidays! 



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