All Abilities Social Sports

The Move Your Body Studio is dedicated to providing more inclusive sporting opportunities across the Pilbara.

Launching in 2020 - Move Your Body Studio All Abilities Sports Centre

We are proud to work with local sporting clubs, schools and the community to provide additional support and programs that target inclusive and engaging participation, and provide sporting opportunities for ALL abilities.
How do you know if Social Sports is for you?
Do you or your child love sports, but are not necessarily interested in playing in a team environment?
Do you or your child want to learn new sporting skills in a smaller class setting, that also provides a sensory sensitive experience?
Do you or your child want the opportunity to work closely with one of our coaches to ensure your individual goals are also taken into consideration?
Or do you simply want to better your fitness to enhance your skills already?
Then Social sports is for you! ⚽️🏀🏈🏐🎾🏏

Social sports offers a more personalised sporting experience for Children, Youth and Adults, to learn foundation skills for a variety of different sports each term, a chance to increase their fitness levels and practise sporting skills in a smaller, less competitive environment.
Social sports is a weekly casual class of no more then 12 participants at any one time (max).
The Move Your Body Studio is also aligned with national sporting bodies to ensure a consistent delivery in curriculum for you/your childs sport. 
Different sporting programs are delivered based on the season of the year and consist of
Summer Sports : Cricket, Boxing, Cheerleading
Winter Sports : AFL, Soccer, Netball, Cheerleading
A variety of sessions will be available for different age groups to ensure they are developmentally appropriate. 
Classes are held at the Pam Buchanan Family Centre, within local schools and sporting communities. 
For more information or to register your interest please email us at