Body Confidence - Makeup Workshop

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Evening Makeup Workshop (5-10 ppl)

Tips for creating a flawless base that holds in the heat!

Learn how to create a Smokey eye, a pop of glitter, a wing and a bold lip!


Light Makeup for Mature Skin (5-10 ppl)

The best ways to apply makeup to more mature skin, tips for eye looks and suitable base application. If you have struggled to apply makeup or feel your current regime has become outdated.



Use Your Own Kit (+ must haves for makeup) (5 ppl)

Bring along your kit and learn how to best optimize what you have, and some key items and tools for everyday use. If you have a kit full of makeup you're too scared to touch and have always wanted some tip for your specific products.



Light Everyday Makeup Fresh! (5-10 ppl)

How to create an everyday makeup look using versatile products with multi use products and tools. Tips to keep a look fresh and natural.