Empowering Girls

The Empowering Girls Program is a 6 week short course that focuses on building strong relationships with our girls, creating a safe space and teaching positivity in many day to day areas of life.

We are dedicated to building up the next generation!

In this program we focus on instilling self confidence, shifting the mind to body positivity and a growth mindset, practicing gratitude, and teaching healthy habits and coping strategies to utilise in every day life.

What is involved in our programs?

Each program runs for a period of 6 weeks, with a new topic being covered each week, aswell as a special guest speaker to support the subjects where applicable.

The Program

Week 1:
Introduction / Self Awareness
The girls will participate in game based play and creative activities to break down barriers and begin to get to know each other : building self awareness, we will begin to recognising our likes, dislikes, strengths, individual differences and goals.

Week 2:
Nutrition / Skill building
We identify a range of different foods and the important role these foods play in our self care. We have fun with food and learn the importance of good food handling while participating in preparing and cooking nutritious, easy to replicate, meals/snacks.


Week 3:
Movement / Body Positivity
We discuss the positive benefits to movement and ways we can support our body to function at its best. The girls will identify positive attributes about their body and ways they enjoy to move. 

The girls will also participate in a Fun, High Energy, Konga with Kids class!

Week 4:
The girls will learn strategies to cope with being bullied and begin to identify 'safe' people in their life for when they are experiencing high stress situations, anxiety or big feelings.

Week 5:
Creativity Session.
The girls will establish goals and begin practicing positive self talk. We discuss the power of Ýet' and the power of problem solving.

Week 6:
Reflection, Gratitude and Relationship building
Lets wrap up the 6weeks with some reflection, fun and games. Parents/ Family Members are invited to join us!
+ a special treat for our guests

Classes are split into two age groups to allow a focus on age appropriate issues and language. 

Group 1: 7-9 years
Group 2: 10-12 years

* Please note classes are limited to a max 10 girls to allow smaller more intimate groups and a "safe space" 

Although we see great growth in the girls in just a few short weeks, the changes in the girls since recently completing 2 full terms of the program is amazing. 

What changes other Parents are noticing?

- Increased Self Confidence
- Reduced anxiety
- New friendships being formed
- Improved communication skills
- Willingness to give new things a go
- More independence around the home
- Genuinely happier
- New interests gained from the program eg art, yoga etc
+ More.


Although an educational program, the Empowering Girls program also aims to offer support to the girls. A safe space they can come each week, with no expectations, to create new relationships and friendships outside of the home. 

Cost = $150 
 Term: 6 weeks
Day: Tuesdays 
Time: 7-9 years 3:30pm - 4:30pm
10-12 years 4.30pm-5.30pm
Location: Family Services, Degrey Place
Term 3 commences on July 27th.


Term three registrations are now open.

email info@moveyourbodykarratha.com

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your daughter specifically please don't hesitate to contact us.