Family Support Services

We can provide help with

  • Promoting the physical and emotional well-being of people with disabilities
  • Undertaking developmental and functional behavioural assessments
  • Teaching functional life skills including social, communication, self-care, daily living, recreation, and employment
  • Providing case management, specialist support coordination, and counselling supports to people with disabilities and their family
  • Assisting people with a disability and their family to set and attain individual goals
  • Working and liaising with families, service providers, allied health professionals, and community members to enhance the choice, social inclusion and quality of life for people with disability and their family
  • Facilitating self-advocacy and / or advocating on behalf of people with disabilities and their family
  • Supporting individuals with disabilities to transition to, access and maintain meaningful vocational experiences
  • Helping families, caregivers and individuals with disability understand the impact of disability on a person’s daily functioning
  • Maintaining Community Health Supports such as

It is our priority to always ensure help is available to those who need it most. That's why we have created a clear and transparent pricing schedule for your reference. However, we always encourage our families to chat to us if they are facing financial barriers to accessing services. 

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