Minecraft Masters - 5-13years


Move Your Body Studio uses Minecraft, an online three-dimensional game, to provide a fun environment where children are encouraged to participate in social interactions using the game.


The popularity of Minecraft has made it a useful tool to teach children how to use the game to explore executive functioning skills like:


- Self-awareness

- Exploration and flexibility

- Self-control and defeat

- Planning and organisation


All of our sessions are facilitated by experienced allied health professionals and educators, who will support the participants to develop and practice a range of skills, including social communication, planning and more.


6Term 3 runs for 9 weeks commencing July 28th, each Monday at the following times


3.30pm - 5-8years

4.30pm - 9-13years


please note : we are also taking expressions of interest for children aged 12-17 years


to register or to chat to one of our team members please email info@moveyourbodykarratha.com