Sensory School Readiness - 2022

Sensory School Readiness 2022


School readiness is designed to assist your child in the transition to Kindergarten, introducing them to certain aspects of school life. School readiness is multifaceted, focusing on development in physical/health, social and emotional capacities as well as language acquisition, literacy, numeracy and cognition.



The program supports children who may need additional preparation, to build their confidence in approaching tasks required when they enter “big school”. Our school readiness classes provide opportunities to explore, experiment and practice in an environment of support and guidance.



The program aims to provide a fun environment, helping to create a positive view about school and learning, that students can take on throughout their school life.
Our classes are run in small groups to help familiarise the children to a classroom like setting and enable the teacher to cater for the individual needs of each child in the class.  
Transitioning to school can be a very overwhelming experience. Our program focuses around:
  • Attention and concentration
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Eye hand coordination
  • Social skills, group interactions, Interpersonal skills
  • Play and emotional skills, self-regulation
  • Recognising and expressing feelings and needs
  • Self-care: opening lunch boxes, opening and finding items in their school bag
  • Sensory processing
  • Behavioural skills
  • Classroom transitions i.e. moving from mat to desk
  • Introduction of pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills, letter and number recognition.
  • Introduction to sound formations and phonemic awareness
  • Confidence in approaching new tasks and following adult directed instructions
  • Preparation for school expectations i.e. routines, getting ready for school, packing school bag
  • Confidence in raising hand, lining up
  • Team work, confidence to work in small groups
  • Turn taking and waiting
  • Building independence

How Will My Child Benefit From A School Readiness Program?

The program is overseen by a Practitioner and facilitated by 1 x Senior Room Leader, 1 x Therapy Assistant and 1 x Inclusion Facilitator, and provides children the opportunity to develop their play, social and emotional skills in a fun and engaging environment. The group is tailored to support each child’s individual goals.

Children will be supported to:

  • Asking for help
  • Be flexible with play ideas
  • Compromise
  • Initiate and sustain play with peers
  • Identify emotions
  • Expressing emotions
  • Follow routines
  • Greet peers
  • Listening skills
  • Play cooperatively with peers
  • Problem solve
  • Task completion
  • Understand friendships
  • Understand other people’s perspective
  • What to do at recess
  • Work at the table
  • Work in a group


How Does My Child Join The School Readiness Program?

Think your child might benefit from joining our School Readiness Program?

1. Call us today to discuss your interest in the School Readiness Program on 08 9185 1921.

You don’t need a referral from a GP or your Support Coordinator – call us for a chat and we’ll be able to assess whether your child may benefit from joining our Sensory School Readiness Program.

2. Meet with one of our team for a pre-program planning appointment.

A pre-program appointment is booked in with a member of our Family Services team. During the pre-program appointment, we will meet with you and your child to get a sense of the areas that your child needs support as well as their strengths. Based on your child’s individual needs, we set specific goals that will be targeted in group. We also get to know your child so that they feel comfortable coming into group.

3. Your child participates in the School Readiness Program.

Our School Readiness Program is fun and engaging and kids love the activities! Parents do not attend the group sessions, but can either wait in the reception area or go for a coffee and come back towards the end of the group. After each group, you will receive an update from the facilitators about what was covered and things that you and your child can work on at home.

You can also choose for us to develop a formal report with recommendations for your child’s teacher and this can be provided to you at the end of the program.




Group sessions run weekly for 10 weeks, beginning in the first week of each term and finishing in mid December. Times and days preferences are available upon enrolment.



Sessions are run at our Social Learning Centre, Unit 3/28-32 Degrey Place, Karratha WA 6714.


All materials will be provided for you for your child. This is included in your session fees.

Areas Addressed

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Self care skills

  • Attention skills

  • Self-regulation

  • Communication skills

  • Parent Education and coaching


Small group sizes allow for individualised content

( Face to Face max 8 kids)

$90 per session 

Includes a short summary report at end of program offering feedback on strengths  and areas for further development. 

Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual therapy sessions are also available should you feel that would better suit your child's needs. You can chat with our team upon enrolment or make contact via the contact page at any time.

Individual Assessment $280

Individual Sessions $180 per hour