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Introducting Wobbel & Move


Wobbel & Move provides movement opportunities with all the possibilities the Wobbel board has to offer. The Wobbel innovates the movement classes and enables kids or adults to work on their strength and balance in a fun and playful way. The rhythmic movements on the Wobbel calm the body and the mind.

During the class participants will enhance their body awareness and confidence. Exertion and relaxation alternate constantly and at the end of the class you can expect step off of your Wobbel more confident and more content.

Who is this class suitable for?
Children from 2 years + through to even adults!
The durability of the board allows up to 200kg of use making it the perfect partner and connection of opportunity for parents and children or single use.

Why do we love Wobbels for movement so much, in particular our childrens sessions?

Apart from the rhythmic and calming motion provided by the Wobble, the Wobbel board also demands complete coordination from the body. The left and right sides of the brain work together to carry out multiple movement combinations.

These are complex skills, using the arms and the
legs. Crossover movements where, for example, the left leg and right arm are used simultaneously,
help the different sides of the brain to work together with maximum effect. This cooperation of the
two different sides is essential when developing skills required at school like reading, writing and

Join us, for a movement session designed to create a playful introduction to an active lifestyle. 


Term 4 Wobbel & Move sessions

Tuesdays 3.30pm - Bookings essential


How else can you get involved? 

We've teamed up with our local childcare centres to provide exciting active play and movement based learning experiences in centre, throughout their weeks. 

Want to see a Wobbel & Move session at your school? 

Get in contact! email info@moveyourbodykarratha.com


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