• RESET - 4 Week Package

RESET - 4 Week Package

KICKSTART your new year! It's time to hit that RESET button! 

Our next round is commencing February 11th 2019!

Reset your Mindset. Reset your Everyday Habits. Reset your Health & Wellbeing.

Whether you are just starting out in your wellness journey, looking for some extra support or feel like you've lost yourself a little and ready to kick things back into gear - our 4 week RESET package has you covered. 


What's Included?


* FULL COOK Package from 'I Hate Cooking' ( 25+ meals of your choice, cooked for you in your own home in ready to eat servings and freezable containers - valued at $165)


* 3 x 40 min Movement sessions (personalised to your interests and your goals) working with one of our qualified Personal Trainers. Valued at $180.

* 1 x Family Play session - perfect for boosting mental wellbeing and creating strong, family connections. Valued at $60.

* Unlimited access to our full Move Your Body Studio timetable - Adults & Children Classes. Valued at $120.

* Health Screening & Results Monitoring ( optional ) valued at $60.

* Self Discovery Profile - 60min session with one of our coaches to help you reconnect back to self, rediscover your purpose and find motivation. Valued at $120.


Total package value = $705

Kickstarting Monday 11th February 2019 - Join us! 


  • $349.00